As a psychologist I often use art to help my clients reveal such emotions where words are just too painful. In many cases we have just learned to live with the pain making it part of ourselves, manifesting in ways that make our life so much more difficult such as poor sleep, recurrent injuries, lack of concentration, restlessness, poor self esteem; the list goes on.

I have helped many people through workshops at my studio in The Hague. Now I am bringing my classes online, so that they are available to everyone. During the workshops we will be doing art exercises and these can be done by anyone with even the tiniest amount of drawing ability – you don’t need to be an aspiring artist!

Although this is an online class, you don’t have to share your work unless you want to. I will show you a wide range of examples and discuss what certain things may mean or may represent. Why ‘may’? Because the person with the most insight into a drawing is always the creator. Interaction within the group is very important and almost always provides unexpected insights.

In previous workshops students have experienced a wide range of emotions. Others came to realise they had difficulty recognising their own emotions – this is a huge insight to gain and can be life changing.

My biggest ambition is to share my knowledge with as many people as possible because I strongly believe in the importance of how we look at our lives and how we see ourselves.

This is an introductory workshop and doesn’t delve deeply into the sub-conscious but is light and great fun to do. Don’t miss this opportunity to go on a journey of self discovery through art.

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The Secret Of Self-Analysis With Art Therapy Exercises

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