Carol Greenshields




























































Carol Greenshields
Born in the UK, 1971  














Currently living in The Hague, The Netherlands
Husband: Erik
Son: Damian (1995) 




Languages: English native, Dutch fluent, French good, Spanish basic
Interests: People, Art, Psychology, Reading, Travel, Innovations, Out of the Box Ideas. 




Just like many people I have my share of ‘baggage’. My life has been a roller coaster and has only recently started to calm down. The good, the bad and the ugly things in my life have all provided valuable lessons for which I’m grateful although. That is in hindsight of course! If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger as the saying goes. 























Having moved from England to Holland at the tender age of 19, I learned a lot of things the hard way. My family continues to live in the UK and I go back regularly but feel very much a part of the Dutch community. Although self taught, my Dutch is fluent due to further education and having worked for a number of Dutch companies including the Dutch Government Highways association (Rijkswaterstaat).














































I believe we all have a purpose, that there is a reason we are here on earth. Sooner or later we all ask ourselves that question but the answer is not easy to hear, often we ignore it and sometimes we just can’t hear it.














































My goal is to help as many people as possible hear their reason for being here and to take the next step. Ambitious? yes!