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Creative workshops with a hint of psychology can be fun as well as providing interesting insights. When you introduce yourself with specific colours or with a picture, you speak a different language. People will see you in a different light which will open up new channels of communication.


How do you think people see you? how would you like to be seen? Can people approach you easily? When you allow others to make mistakes but not yourself you send out mixed signals. In order for you to know how others see you, they have to be able to approach you for an honest discussion. When this isn’t possible, people put up their guard which costs energy. When we use more energy than we have available, burn-out can be the result.

A creative workshop has a low threshold and mixed with humour and psychology provides a safe environment in which to look at things from a new perspective.

The workshop with Carol was a very good experience. I was rather stuck due to circumstances, but she gave me the tools to really look at things from a different angle. It was amazing to experience how being creative tells you so much more than you yourself can express in words. The atmosphere was very casual and there was a lot of material available to get started. Carol herself has a very warm personality and has a lot to offer. I really recommend it!


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