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Thoughts, feelings, expressions

Journey - watercolour by Carol Greenshields

About my artwork

I have always loved art and using what is in my imagination to create paintings and sculptures. My mother is also and artist so its maybe in the genes!

Currently I mainly use watercolour and mixed media, not for any reason other than its wha I enjoy and this may well change tomorrow.

I have exhibited in Holland (I live in Holland).

The inspiration for my paintings now comes purely from the heart. I always paint what I feel and don’t consciously plan it.

Below are some examples of the different styles I enjoy paiting, for my full gallery click on the link below


What we do

Workshop Van Gogh


Discover my range of workshops for teambuilding, special needs and much more.

Art Journalling

Take time out to create


For further information such as size, price etc please email me at

Greenshields - Art & Therapy Kamer van Koophandel 70031770 (Chamber of Commerce) .
Binckhorstlaan 36 C046, 2516BE, Den Haag, The Netherlands

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