Carol Greenshields


Carol Greenshields

Art and Psychology

With more than 32 + years of work experience and having completed many studies; from logistics to psychology, I have now combined all my experience for tailor made workshops. The traumas I experienced in the UK and in the Netherlands (PTSD) have helped me look at things from a different perspective. The use of art certainly helped in the processing phase.

Discover workshops with a difference

In 2017 I started my own business with a goal of helping as many people as possible to follow their own true path. In my view the power of human connection is one of the best ways to achieve this which is why I believe in the strength of workshops.

When we work together with an open mind we make a connection. We don’t have to find everyone equally ‘fun’ or ‘nice to be around’ but we can learn how to be accepting, how to set our boundaries and find others in the same energy flow as ourselves.



Painting Workshops

Which great artist would you like to copy? 

Themed Workshops

Want to do something very different with a family or friends group. Group dynamics can be such a lot of fun and also provide some very interesting insights, dilemma…etc etc


Is a lack of communication and understanding costing your team money?

The workshop with Carol was a very good experience. I was rather stuck due to circumstances, but she gave me the tools to really look at things from a different angle. It was amazing to experience how being creative tells you so much more than you yourself can express in words. The atmosphere was very casual and there was a lot of material available to get started. Carol herself has a very warm personality and has a lot to offer. I really recommend it!


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