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Team Building


Is your team functioning as a whole? Teambuilding workshops help! When everyone works together, all facing in the same direction, the sky is the limit! Workshops to bring a group together using humour and psychology can enable next level performance. When you understand how different your perspective is to others, finding common ground is essential. We all have different ideas, we’ve all been ‘programmed’ differently since birth so it’s no wonder we don’t always understand one another.

If your team is unable to communicate honestly with each other there is no room to learn from mistakes. When you allow others to make mistakes but not yourself you send out mixed signals. We know that if we always do what we we’ve always done growth will stagnate and frustration will rule. If there’s no honesty there’s no trust. If you’re continually ‘watching your back’ you’re using far more energy than necessary and something will have to give.

How do you think people see you? how would you like to be seen? Can people approach you easily? In order for you to know how others see you, they have to be able to approach you for an honest discussion. When this isn’t possible, people put up their guard which costs energy. When we use more energy than we have available, burn-out can be the result.

When your team doesn’t function as a team your company is losing money due to ineffectiveness.

As long as all team members are willing to work together, a specific teambuilding workshop focussing on communication will deal with areas that require attention.

My Workshops

Special needs

For Adults and children with special needs


What does your choice of colour and image say about you?

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Using art to heal your stress

Painting Monet

Painting For Fun

Recreate your version of a classic artists work.

Greenshields - Art & Therapy Kamer van Koophandel 70031770 (Chamber of Commerce) .
Voorschoterweg, 2235SH, Valkenburg ZH, The Netherlands

About Me

I have always been an artist but in 2014 my life changed in a way I never thought possible. Whilst studying for a degree in psychology I myself was diagnosed with PTSD and received extensive therapy. Part of my treatment included art therapy. What my paintings revealed about my inner turmoil was astonishing. Pain that I had buried deep within and had been carrying around for years was suddenly exposed to me in the form of images. I really had no idea what I was holding on to and this revelation started me on my long road to recovery.

As a psychologist I often use art to help my clients reveal such emotions where words are just too painful. In many cases we have just learned to live with the pain making it part of ourselves, manifesting in ways that make our life so much more difficult such as poor sleep, recurrent injuries, lack of concentration, restlessness, poor self esteem; the list goes on.

With my website I want to not only share my journey with you, but encourage you to draw and paint and understand the pleasure and relief it can bring. Explore hidden meanings of what our art can mean with all the choices we have made when we draw such as colour, light, positions of people and objects.




NB The original text of this website is English - if it has been translated via your browser there may be a number of errors in translation (for example in Dutch 'met een beperking' translates to 'special needs' in English). 


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