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In 2017 I started my own business with a goal of helping as many people as possible to follow their own true path. In my view the power of human connection is one of the best ways to achieve this which is why I believe in the strength of workshops.

When we work together with an open mind we make a connection. We don’t have to find everyone equally ‘fun’ or ‘nice to be around’ but we can learn how to be accepting, how to set our boundaries and find others in the same energy flow as ourselves.

I have created a number of workshops using art to help with teambuilding, confidence, self discovery and simply just for the pleasure of it.

It was whilst receiving therapy myself for PTSD that I discovered how incredibly powerful art is. The colours we choose and the choices we make when we draw uncover a magical new language. So much about how we think and how we feel is revealed when we draw.

My workshops aren’t about who can do the best drawing, they are about discovering who you are!

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My Workshops

Special needs

For Adults and children with special needs


What does your choice of colour and image say about you?

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Discover your true self with art

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Using art to heal your stress

Workshop Van Gogh

Painting For Fun

Recreate your version of a classic artists work.

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